Masterpiece Artists is just a group of normal, messed-up people whom God is making into unique masterpieces. We like to create art, whether that’s watercolor/acrylic paintings, charcoal or graphite drawings, comics, marker art, digital art, or anything else!

I started this blog when I realized how much online community there is for authors, but couldn’t find many clean art communities. 

How it works:

This is just a space for the artists to share what they create and swap feedback/encouragement with others! Even if you’re just visiting this blog, leave them a comment or two!

We might do Inktober together and share what we create.

Sometimes members will share their favorite drawing tutorials or resources, or just post anything art related!


And just so you know, all us artist people– WE’RE ALL AMATEURS HERE! (well, most of us, ahem… XD) Every one of us has a different style and skill level, and that’s totally okay!

Let’s see what we can learn from each other. 🙂

Make sure to treat other humans fantastically on this site! Also, listen to this song… which may or may not have inspired the name “Masterpiece Artists”. 😉 

~Where we yeet our art, and someone picks it out of the trash~

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