My Fave Drawings

Practically the only thing I can draw is cats and girls. It’s a little annoying, because sometimes I want to do something a little different. Here’s some of my favorite drawings that I’ve done recently. 😀  


I tend to draw faces without a head around them a lot. I like how this one looks different from other ones I’ve done. Her eyes were fun; making them slanted inwards towards the nose. I can’t do eyeballs (ugh) , so I had to experiment. 




This one i experimented with black pencil and yellow marker for her shirt. I wanted to watercolor it, but I didn’t have any nearby. 😁Once again, there’s the round nose, freckles, and no eyeballs. 





THIS. HOW DID I DO THIS. My sisters keep telling me that they like this one the best. 😀 I got the inspiration for this drawing from a friend who was wearing a NASA sweatshirt like this. It had really cool little rockets and math on the sleeves, but I can’t draw them. Once again this drawing has the nose, freckles and no eyeballs, but I feel like she’s  a little different than the other ones. I think she might be my favorite of my recent ones. 





What was your favorite of these drawings? Do you draw better in pen or in pencil? 


6 replies to “My Fave Drawings

  1. “Practically the only thing I can draw is cats and girls.” #SORELATEABLE hahaha
    The NASA girl is cute!! Nice job!
    I totally draw better in pencil, they have erasers! lol

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