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My Quarantine Painting Experiments

Hello there, peeps! I’m new around here and I’m so excited to finally share my first post on Masterpiece Artists. So, today, I’m sharing a few of the acrylic paintings I’ve been working on during quarantine.


I’ve never been great at painting realistically or anything, so I always stayed away from that messy, colourful liquid and just kept on doodling and sketching with my graphite pencils instead. But, recently, I decided to dare painting again after many years of never even holding a paintbrush. I bought a pack of acrylics and, oh my goodness, the paints have become some of my favourite art supplies I own. I’ve actually learnt that, despite your level of “excellence” when it comes to art, painting is so, so much fun to just dabble in. After painting a few pictures on plain cardboard, I decided I wanted to get more experimental with what I was painting. The first thing I messed around with was painting on glass…

Photo 1


After cleaning up an old mayonnaise jar, I was eager to work on it! Using the song ‘Trees’ by Twenty One Pilots as my inspiration, I painted a little lyric and border around the glass.

Photo 2


Tip: After painting on glass, spray your work with hairspray so the paint won’t flake off its surface when dried.


After my glass paintings, I was ready to experiment upon something else. So, I dragged a super old pair of running shoes outside along with my beloved acrylics and ta-da! My running shoes had this whole new vibe about them when I was finished.


Photo 3


I couldn’t decide on whether to go for a pastel sky sorta look, or a spacey one. Sooo, I did both – a different picture on each side. 😂 My shoes are both galaxy and cloudy sky themed.


Photo 4

Photo 5


To be honest, I’m super proud of the outcome of my shoes, as they’re the first pair I’ve ever painted. And I loved the galaxy vibe so much, I moved on to painting a plain snapback of mine also space themed…


Photo 6

Photo 7


Now I’m obsessed with the idea of painting everything I’ve ever owned. Painting your clothing is really such a super fun activity. If you have any old clothes lying around that you never wear anymore, PAINT THEM. You’ll probably never want to stop sporting them ever again afterwards, 😉


Photo 8


I highly recommend getting yourself a pack of acrylic paints (if you haven’t already); it’s truly amazing just how many surfaces you can paint on with them. Plus, if you’re bored in quarantine, they’ll definitely be great to keep you busy, as you could be painting nearly everything from a little canvas to your jeans!


So, those are a few of my recent painting adventures. What you do think I should paint next? Which did you prefer – the jar, shoes, or hat? Have you ever painted your clothing?


~Sarah xx

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