Customizing My Own Water Bottle!

Hey guys!!!

A couple days ago, I finished the work on my latest art project – my own customized water bottle! 😀 I used a random, plastic bottle that we had hanging around the house, that I’d been using. And if you know me, you know I have a slight fascination with painting everything in sight… XD (Including, but not limited to myself, my clothes, the table, etc….) 😛

Picture #1

I decided to paint it with 8 different shades of blue. These are the colors I used. (I’m using acrylic paint, by the way. 😉 )

Picture #2
Don’t you love these shades?! ❤ 

I started by painting the whole thing white. This was to help make sure the colors were opaque when I applied them. (I still had to give most of the stripes 2-3 coats.)

Picture #3

I wanted it to be striped, sort of like a rainbow. That was only blue. XD So I started with one base stripe through the middle. Which, turned out to be uneven, though I wouldn’t be able to tell until later in the painting. But whatever. It turned out fine! 😉

Picture #4

I then built off one that one (uneven) stripe.

Picture #5

When I had all the stripes finished, I painted the lid, and bottom of the bottle, a super pretty gold color.

I sprayed on a few layers of a glossy finisher, and, viola!!! It’s finished!!! 😀 

Picture #6

I REALLY loved how this water bottle turned out! I super love the colors, and I really like the way the gold goes with the blue. ❤

Picture #7

My main concerns with this were that 1) The paint and sealer might easily wear off, and 2) I was afraid water would mess up the sealer and make it soggy and slimy. XD Not a pretty sight. ;P Thankfully, so far none of the paint as worn off, and if I am careful with it, I don’t think it will. If it does though, I can slap some new paint on, and seal it again. And the concern about the water was totally unnecessary. It didn’t hurt it at all to get wet! 😀 *whew*

I’m so glad I got to do this! *Takes a drink from my new favorite water bottle* 😀

Picture #8

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