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Drawing on Cardboard

I looove drawing on other things than paper. This time, it was cardboard!

My fam was playing a word game using those little notepad things. The paper ran out so just the cardboard on the back was left, and I just thought, “hey, I could draw on those! Kind of like toned paper!”

So I did, and it was so much fun! The cardboard was really stiff and resilient, but I was still able to do some shading/smudging, and I absolutely loved the natural texture of the cardboard! The color elements were pretty fun to add too. πŸ™‚

Some added gold sharpie

Acrylics for his eye

I’m curious– what strange/epic alternative things do you guys like to draw or paint on? I really want to try using some paint chips from Home Depot 😍

~He’s Making a Masterpiece~


14 replies to “Drawing on Cardboard

  1. i want my own collection of paint swatches but I feel so guilty taking one.
    painting on one?? that would be one of the best things ever.
    i love your cardboard art. that is so lovely. i truly adore it 😍

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  2. My brother a couple years ago had a lot of leftover wood from a project. he didn’t need the extra wood so he cut them up into different sized squares for me and I sanded them soft with an electrical sander. I have sooo many of them still and they’re super fun to paint on. They range from the size of a normal sized paper, to half a coaster size.

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