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Allison is an artist and creator from a big farm in the Eastern U.S., where she lives with her family of seven and quite a few pets. You can often find her working in her studio – preparing lessons for the art classes she teaches, painting custom portraits for her Etsy shop, or filling up a sketchbook just for fun. She believes everyone is inherently creative, being made in the image of our Creator God, and that art is a “language” like writing and music that we can learn and use to express our thoughts and share the loveliness of the world around us.

She loves to capture and create beauty through art, photography, blogging, poetry, and many other forms. Her favorite art mediums are watercolor and gouache.



Amie is a dreamer, star-chaser, and adventure-seeker, filling her time with music, crafting stories, creating masterpieces, and occasionally doing schoolwork.




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Anna is a people-watcher (which might sound creepy, but isn’t. It’s for story characters.) and lover of Jesus, rainstorms, and chocolate.

Her posts here.






Betsy B likes to read, make things pretty, and have weird conversations with her family. She loves God, and her big crazy family. Her favorite thing to draw is girls.





Untitled design (9) Chalice is first and foremost a Child of God. That being said, she is also a bit of a mess. But she’s learning that many masterpieces start out rather messy, and that God is still working on her. She’s an ENFP and a night owl who loves people, art, music, colorful sunsets, a good story, and anything else that speaks of God’s glory. She writes about art, life, and other random things on her blog:



Untitled design (8)Emma is just a regular INFP who likes to take care of people, journalize ,watercolor, and find every single little happy thing that she can.

Her posts here.





Untitled design (6)Hero Swartz is a 17 year old Jesus freak who is obsessed with foxes and art.❤🦊🎨







2020-04-11Kinsey is an 18-year-old photographer and artist. She can be found drawing or playing with her dog, Chester. Her favorite mediums are pencil/paper and ink pens and she lives around Cincinnati, Ohio. Her two main food groups are chocolate and coffee. 🙂




Untitled design (3)Pearl is a daughter of the King and lover of art, laughter, words, chocolate, and the color of a deep blue winter sky. She is also the creator of this blog.

Her favorite art mediums are plain-old pencil, ink pens, and watercolors.

Her posts here.



Untitled design (5)Rosy is a 16-year-old girl who loves Jesus with all her heart and strives to please Him in all she does. She is passionate about photography, painting and blogging. (Oh, and chocolate.) You’ll often find her at her desk, working on whatever project she currently has going on. 🙂

Her posts here.



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Sarah is an aspiring artist who seeks to capture the beauty of life through her art. She began drawing in the summer of 2018 because of boredom and a mix of inspiration from and jealousy of her talented friends and siblings. Creation – whether in the form of graphite sketches or messy paintings – is a kind of outlet for her when life gets hard. Her favourite art style is grayscale realistic sketches (but she is very experimental in her style). Other things Sarah enjoys doing is writing, singing, practicing guitar, listening to her neverending playlist, stargazing, watching the sunset, photography, tea drinking, reading, facepainting, blogging and just being weird and wild (probably not doing all of those at once though).

Her posts here.

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